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Wings of the City is an urban artistic project that includes nine large-scale bronze sculptures focused on promoting a dialogue between the public and the artwork, through highlighting the esthetic experience of any person who walks by and views it. Its curatorial dialogue is centered on the suspended body as a metaphor of its own sensations based on the rise of postmodern discourse, and an integration of baroque theatrically with the perversity and sensuality of the present.

The original artworks have been exhibited on the Paseo de la Reforma, one of Mexico’s most important avenues, since 2010, where they create a singular mythical urban environment. To date, more than one million people have visited the exhibition.

The exhibition represents the possibilities of flying with the body and the mind through desire, will and determination. It implies going beyond one’s physical capabilities and invites us to transcend our limits. This sculpture has become one of the symbols of Mexico City, and an original replica is permanently exhibited in Tel Aviv, Israel (2012).

Two years after its inauguration, the Wings of the City have become a meeting please, a point of reference, a motivation, a venue of joy and fun, and especially a space of unity among the attending public and Jorge Marin’s sculptures.

Don’t miss this amazing exhibition of Wings of the City by the sculptor Jorge Marín … Opening exhibit with the artist Friday, December 13 at 4:30 pm