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Rivers End Nursery

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Mango Plate 002We are counting down the last 9 days leading up to our biggest day in our calendar here at River’s End Nursery & Farm.   The 7th Annual Mango Fiestival will be held on Saturday, July 25th from 9 am to Noon.  This year’s celebration is focused on The Mangos of Florida.  If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure you have inked this date on your calendars and purchased your tickets to this year’s event

This year we have 3 mango cooking demonstrations lined up.   We’ve teamed up with TasteTexas TV’s Executive Chef Garth Blackburn to bring you a special mango treat.  Also we’ve been lucky to feature The Rio Grande Chapter of the Texas Chef’s Associations, Chef Dustin Stair and Adam Cavazos to bring you some healthy and delicious mango recipes, along with Cheff Jeffery Sahadi working with Centiannel Lounge of McAllen.

One of the highlights of this year’s door prize drawings is a highly coveted and collectable Fruit Punch Mango tree.  The cultivar selection is one one of the newest selecetions from Florida that has NOT been released to the general public yet.  Flavor evaluations of the Fruit Punch include descriptions like “having your favorite flavor of KoolAid in mango form” and “this is the Hawaiian Fruit Punch we’ve always wanted”.  So make sure you fill out your ticket stub and drop it off at the information booth to enter the hourly door prize drawing.

We’ve been asked many times to open our orchard for people to take a stroll aroundthe grounds during the Mango Fiestival.  This year we’ve partially granted your request and have opened a section as a self guided mini-tour so you can see some of the different trees we grow here along with descriptions of their origins and history.  We only ask that you please do not touch any of the fruit on our trees.

And there are loads of mango foods available for sampling and sale including offerings from the Home Bakers of the McAllen area and the Culinary Students from TSTC in Harlingen.

Entry forms for “It’s All About the Mango” Food contest will be accepted though July 18.  Make sure you bring your award winning recipe and dish to this year’s competition.  The entry forms can be entered online by clicking It’s All About the Mango Food Contest.

Please note that the Nursery will NOT be open on Friday, July 24,  We will resume our regular nursery hours on July 31.

See you at the Tasting & Flavor Evaluation Tent…..

Harvest Report

The week’s harvest includes mangos, the last of our Sapodillas, and the very beginning of our Starfruit.  The luck early few can score some Panama Berries (it’s like eating cotton candy in fruit form), along with figs and bananas.  The Papayas are finally starting to ripen just as the Peanut Butter Fruit is taking a between crop spell.

We are anxiously awaiting the Sugar Apples, Guava and Longans—it is true – the watched fruit doesn’t mature.  We will try sneaking quick looks in the dark of night to see if that fools the fruit.

Remember to continue with your 20”inch and pinch rule on the mangos.  Plan to do  your serious pruning once you have harvested all the fruit from your mango tree to encourage compact growth and lots of fruiting panicles next winter. And do your fertilization of the mango tree(s) immediately following your completed harvest.

If you can just ignore the heat, the humidity and now no rain, …isn’t summer grand?


And Then…. 

Our next walking tour will be on Saturday, August 1. You can make reservations through the web site if you wish to join us. See Ticket at the Online Store.

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