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Rivers End Nursery

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This Week’s Harvest

Sapodilla fruit

The standard citrus season will soon be over. We have the last of our citrus likeGRAPEFRUIT and those juicy VALENCIA ORANGES. The more unusual likeKAFFIR LIME are available throughout the spring and we will be harvesting Buddha Hand in a few months.
But now we haveSAPODILLAS. Though it was slow in starting, harvesting continues. It is such a treat to open the refrigerator and inhale the intoxicating aroma of the chilling, ripe fruit. If they weren’t so good, I would happy to just have them “perfume” the kitchen. We also have several different Paletas featuring these “Chicos” – let us know which one is your favorite.
Finally starting to get a few PAPAYAS that have ripened during warmer weather. Cool temperature drain all the flavor from most papayas—we give those to the chickens. Now is the start of better papayas. And if you want green ones to make your favorite Papaya Salad, give us call in advance so we can harvest one for you.

Coming Up May 2

That first Saturday in May will be a busy one here at Rivers End Nursery.

Our next Farm Walking Tour takes place that morning. Advance reservations are required for this event.  The sampling and tour begin at 9 AM. You can make reservations through the web site if you wish to join us. See Ticket at the Online Store.

And that afternoon we are having our Annual Spring Ice Cream Social. This event’s serving include Sapodilla Ice Cream, Watermelon Lemonade Sorbet, and PassionFruit Frozen Yoguert. You can get First Scoop Tickets at the Nursery through Friday May 1. These tickets give you a second scoop free along with our first selection. Online you can purchase a 6 for the price of 5 Ticket. This is a good choice for families. See Tickets at the Online Store.

A Little Bit About Plants

flame Vine FL cropped

If you were by the Nursery this spring , you might have seen the blooming vines we have in front of the office. Many of you have asked about the Flame Vine. While our propagations are not ready, we did find some that that will be arriving next week. So if you want some of this sunshine next winter, make sure you come by to get your Flame Vine. And we will also have a few of the Queen’ s Wreath then also.

What a Wet Spring in South Texas

In spite of the soaked soil and mosquitoes, all the rain has made this Valley green. We have moved from the fragrance of citrus wafting through the fields to the perfume of longans hanging in the still air. And what a “confusion” of pollinators those blooms are attracting. This maybe the year of longans in South Texas.

But now is a great time to take advantage of the moisture in the soil and apply beneficial nematodes. (They will available during the next 2 weeks.)

Fleas, fire ants, grubs of all sizes are just a few of the problems those of us who work in the soil must deal with and beneficial nematodes are one of the best ways to knock those issues back. Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animal on earth. While different species of nematodes can be good, bad or indifferent, we can use the good ones (beneficial) to combat a wide variety of insect pests including weevils and soil dwelling grubs, fungus gnat, caterpillars, cutworms, fruit flies and most important for your pets—fleas.

And while you are bringing that flea population under control, the Pet Shampoo with Neem can bring great relieve to your pets and especially those with sensitive skin. We have small Travel Size bottles available along with the 12 oz. size.

And have you tried the Anti-Itch Formula for yourself? Bee stings, ant bites, just plain itches—they all feel better with this stuff.

Rain every few days is REALLY hard on the mango blooms and just formed fruit. Using a fungicide is imperative if you want to have mangos this year. We use copper-based fungicides during the first weeks and then we switch. There are potassium bicarbonates and hydrogen peroxide types that can be used later in the season. It is just important that you do spray. And don’t forget to remove those panicles without fruit set. They do provide a site of infection for anthracnose if left on the trees.


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