Explore the past with the Brownsville Historical Association’s Photomural Tour of Downtown Brownsville. Visit these 10 murals that depict the people and places that comprise the culture of the city’s downtown area. These photos will take you back to what Brownsville used to look like.

  1. 1940s Fort Brown Soldiers
    Brownsville Chamber of Commerce (University Blvd.)
  2. 1940s International Bridge
    UETA Duty-Free (E. Elizabeth):
  3. Circa 1882 Porfirio Diaz House
    Brownsville Heritage Complex (E. Washington & 13th/14th)
  4. 1910s E. Elizabeth St. Scene
    E. 13th St. & E. Elizabeth:
  5. 1930s Levee & 13th St. Scene
    E. 11th St. & E. Levee:
  6. 1920s Elizabeth St. & 10th St. Scene
    E. 10th St. & E. Elizabeth:
  7. 1950s Washington & 12th Scene
    E. Washington & 12th St.
  8. 1890s Market Square
    El Tapiz Bldg (E. Adams & 12th):
  9. 1953 Brownsville Fire Station
    E. Adams between 10th & 11th:
  10. 1890 Grammar School
    Putegnat Elementary (8th St.):