The Brownsville Heritage Trail is actually a series of several trails organized to take you past Brownsville’s most important historic homes and buildings. Each area walking tour takes about ten to twenty minutes to complete. Many locations will have official makers with text descriptions to interpret the significance of these historic sites and events. A good place to begin is at either of the historic museums.

A second part of the Heritage Trail is a driving tour. In addition to the Resaca de la Palma Battlefield, other attractions such as the hangar of the Commemorative Air Force and the Gladys Porter Zoo are within the City Limits. This guide also provides reference points and directions to other historic sites and battlefields, some of which are located outside of Brownsville.


  • Washington Park Area Tour
  • Downtown Area Tour
  • Fort Brown Area Tour
  • Palm Boulevard Area Tour
  • Fifth Street Area Tour
  • Market Square Area Tour
  • County Courthouse Area Tour
  • St. Charles Street Area Tour
  • East Madison Street Area Tour

Visit our Main Visitor Center or our Scale House Visitors Center to pick up a map.