Phone: (956) 295-3704


600 International Blvd, Brownsville, , 78520

The complex functions as convention hall, both Jacob Brown Auditorium and Stillman Town Hall, are available for rent for public and private events.

The Stillman Town Hall seats 120 and is a popular venue for smaller conventions and committee meetings. The Jacob Brown Auditorium is used for athletic events, dances, conventions, banquets, and entertainments requiring a large amount of floor (10,944 square feet) or stage (2,800 square feet) space.

The Jacob Brown Auditorium also features an attractive, 2,185 square foot lobby, dressing rooms, and a kitchen. The Jacob Brown Auditorium seating capacity is 1,593 (including balcony seating).

The FBMC consists of:

  1. Jacob Brown Auditorium
  2. Stillman Town Hall
  3. Robert E. Lee Youth Center
  4. Stokely Hall

Venue Specifications

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