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Charro Days Fiesta Inc

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Charro Days Fiesta Inc

Born to lift community spirits during difficult times, the Charro Days Fiesta arrives every year, in the last week of February with the same dedication to bi-national friendship and respect for traditions that first captivated Brownsville many years ago.

In 1937, during the Great Depression, local business leaders searched for an antidote to the gloom that engulfed Brownsville and the rest of the country. One year later, the community came together for the very first Charro Days to celebrate what made Brownsville unique: Its location on the border with Mexico and the rich cultural heritage enjoyed by Brownsville’s residents.

From the very first celebration, Brownsville residents and visitors dressed in the traditional costumes of Mexico and honored the Mexican cowboys — the Charros — who were heroes of the borderlands.  Horse-drawn, handmade floats processed through downtown Brownsville in those early years, with marching bands from Mexico, soldiers from old Fort Brown and children from area schools dressed as charros and chinas  .Elegant costume balls, popular street parties and fireworks – all launched with a joyful yell, the traditional “Grito’’ – were popular back then and contribute to lively Charro Days celebrations today.


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