Phone: (956) 547-8326


3 Event Ctr, Brownsville, , 78526

Brownsville Tennis Center was created through the combined efforts of the North Brownsville Park members and the Brownsville Tennis Association to provide public recreational facilities among the finest in South Texas.  Private donations and public funds from the city of Brownsville has allowed the community to be provided with sixteen courts with viewing stands and bleachers in different parts of the facilities along with an office, locker faculties, and pro shop. Funding and construction of the facilities were worked on from 1996 to 2001 when the facility was opened.

The mission of the Brownsville Tennis Association “is to promote interest and encourage participation in tennis by conducting junior development programs and tournaments, by conducting adult participation programs and tournaments, and by presenting or sponsoring tournaments of ranking or other outstanding tennis players for the benefit of the general public.” There are 16 courts available for tournament planning.

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