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ADV iSnapper reporting app

ADV iSnapper app on iPhone

The hard-fighting and great-tasting red snapper is one of the finest sportfish to inhabit the Gulf of Mexico and the number one targeted species offshore of Texas.

We need your help to make sure that Texas gets its share of red snapper – report your red snapper landings.

A new free app makes reporting even easier. Download the app now You can also report your catch online at

How to Report: At the end of each day’s trip or soon afterwards, use the app or online reporting tool to submit the basic information about your total red snapper catch. Only one person needs to report for the entire angling party.*

Why to Report: Your help is important. As you may know, management of red snapper continues to be challenging and controversial. Texas and the other four Gulf states, cooperatively with National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), manage red snapper in federal waters. Texas fishing regulations (less than 9 nautical miles from shore) may differ from federal regulations (greater than 9 nautical miles from shore). The collected data will help with monitoring programs and will also serve as an indicator of the health of the red snapper fishery off Texas shores. Your reports will provide that important information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

*Anglers fishing from party boats are exempt from reporting because the captain reports for them. Party boats are generally larger boats where people pay per person, as opposed to paying a single fee (for one or more persons) for a guided trip.


Keep Fishing Regulations Handy with Mobile App

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The free Outdoor Annual mobile app makes it easy to tackle fishing regulations while you’re on the water. You don’t even need internet service to access most regulations information once the app is downloaded to your device. Download yours today.

It can also utilize a device’s GPS capabilities to access location-specific regulations, such as exceptions to fish size and bag limits and county-specific hunting regulations.