Brownsville’s eclectic mix of old Mexican charm and festive attitude make it the perfect bi-national travel destination. With year-round celebrations, natural treasures, one of the nation’s best zoos, and a history as big as Texas you won’t find anything short of exciting adventures in this exciting Rio Grande Valley destination.

Celebrations in Brownsville begin in January with “Taste of La Frontera”, a showcase of some of the best border cuisine in Texas. Brownsville continues the celebration with its internationally famous Charro Days Fiesta, Sombrero Festival and Air Fiesta and a slew of events and festivals throughout the year.

Charro Days

Charro Days Fiesta, begun 76 years ago, is an annual event where residents of Brownsville and its neighbor Matamoros, Mexico celebrate their rich cultural heritage with parades, carnivals, games, and costume balls. In a Mardi Gras-like fashion residents dress up in traditional regional costumes of Mexico and host a number of events throughout the streets of the Historic Downtown District.

A concurrent event adding spice to the Charro Days Fiesta is Sombrero Festival held in Historic Downtown Brownsville at Washington Park the last weekend of February. The 3-day event is like a big family-friendly block party where people can enjoy well-known Mexican, Country and local musical acts, food booths, and popular events like the Jalapeno Eating Contest, the famous Grito contest, Tortilla Frisbee Toss, and Frijolympics – a charro bean cook-off.

The celebrations continue in March with the world famous Air Fiesta – World War II and military aircraft take the skies and perform a number of breath-taking maneuvers, such as the re-enactment of Tora, Tora, Tora.

Fast forward to October and visitors can experience the eclectic sounds of the Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival. Inaugurated by the late, Tito Puente in 1997, this festival has become one of the most anticipated events in the city’s cultural calendar. Each year countless Latin Jazz artists from Latin America provide three days of entertainment of the highest caliber, advanced multi-cultural diversity, and have entertained thousands for 16 years. The Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival is widely recognized as the premier Latin Jazz festival in Texas and one of the best in the United States.

The Holiday Village, a recent but welcomed addition to the local holiday scene is an impressive display of cottages representing a variety of historic and prominent buildings of Brownsville. Lights adorn them inside and out, and large figurines are scattered throughout. Holiday Village is located within the Mitte Cultural District at Dean Porter Park beginning the last week of November to January 3rd.

Brownsville also hosts a number of city-wide community events throughout the year. In the past couple of years the City of Brownsville has continued its mission to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Events such as Brownsville’s Biggest Loser and Cyclobia have gained a loyal following among the locals and surrounding communities. If you’re lucky you might just catch one of these events going on in Brownsville.

Annual Events




  • Taste of La Frontera

    Mr. Amigo Association

  • Elvis Winter Festive

    Little Graceland

  • Girls Night Out

    Children’s Museum of Brownsville

  • Air Fiesta

    Commemorative Air Force Museum

  • Charro Days Fiesta

    Charro Days, Inc.

  • Sombrero Festival

    Sombrero Festival, Ltd.

  • Winter Texan Discount Day

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Valentine Dinner

    Historic Brownsville Museum

  • N/A




  • International Art Show

    Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts

  • Chalk Festival

    Children’s Museum of Brownsville

  • Battle of Palo Alto Anniversary

    Palo Alto Historical Park

  • Memorial Day Silent March

    Parks and Recreation

  •  Summer Safari

    Gladys Porter Zoo




  • Brownsville 4th of July Parade

    Historic Downtown Brownsville

  • 4th of July Celebration

    Brownsville Sports Complex

  • Summer Safari

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  •  Summer Safari

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Elvis Festival

    Little Graceland

  • Beer Tasting & Paella Cookoff

    Brownsville Historic Museum

  • Palm Boulevard Mile

    Brownsville Marathoners

  • Lower Valley Appreciation Day

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Night at the Museum

    Children’s Museum of Brownsville




  •  Zoofari

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Archeology Fair

    Palo Alto Historical Battlefield

  • Latin Jazz Festival

    Society for the Performing Arts

  • Boo at the Zoo

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Ghost Tours

    Brownsville Historical Association

  • Wine Tasting

    Historic Brownsville Museum

  • Mid-Valley Appreciation Day

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Memorial Illumination

    Resaca de la Palma Battlefield

  • Holiday Village

    Dean Porter Park

  • Day of the Dead Festival

    Brownsville Historical Association

  • Heart Gallery

    Children’s Museum of Brownsville

  • Brownsville Christmas Parade

    Charro Days, Inc.

  • Holiday Light Ceremony

    Washington Park

  • Zoo Nights & Lights

    Gladys Porter Zoo

  • Dear Santa

    Children’s Museum of Brownsville