An understanding of Mexico and discussions by the leaders led to the concept of recognizing a Mexican citizen who had contributed to the friendship of the United States and Mexico. The first Mr. Amigo celebration was held on October 12, 1964 at the Fort Brown Memorial Center and honored former President of Mexico, Lic. Miguel Aleman.

The Mr. Amigo Association realized that the Charro Days Fiesta, with the various parades, costume balls and large crowds provided the proper atmosphere to promote and recognize the Mr. Amigo honoree. Lic. Jorge Perez y Bouras was the first Mr. Amigo honoree to be recognized during the Charro Days Fiesta in 1969.

Previous Mr. Amigo honorees include: Carlos Cuevas (2010), Arath de la Torre (2011), Eduardo Yañez (2012), Mariana Seoane (2013), Juan Osorio (2014).

Fernando Landeros Mr. Amigo 2016

Upcoming Events

Feb 22 @ 6:00 PM – Feb 25 @ 7:30 PM
Mexican Artistic Program "FIESTAS MEXICANAS" @ Main Square "Plaza Principal" | Matamoros | Tamaulipas | Mexico
6:00 PM
Mexican Artistic program with the participation of the “Ballet Folklórico Municipal”, in the main square “Plaza Principal Miguel Hidalgo”. Come and enjoy our Mexican traditions, our exquisite food and our Mexican handicrafts. The “FIESTAS MEXICANAS”... Read more »
“HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER” @ International Bridge Matamoros - Puerta México / Brownsville - Gateway Bridge
Feb 23 @ 10:00 AM
"HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER" @ International Bridge Matamoros - Puerta México / Brownsville - Gateway Bridge  | Brownsville | Texas | United States
10:00 AM
Greeting between the two border mayors, held in the middle of Puerta Mexico International Bridge between Matamoros and Brownsville. To countersign the friendship between the two nations and sister cities
Feb 24 @ 8:00 PM – Feb 25 @ 1:00 AM
Mr. Amigo President's Costume Ball – Award Gala @ Brownsville Event Center | Brownsville | Texas | United States
8:00 PM
The President’s Costume Ball is a dinner dance event honoring this year’s Mr. Amigo. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their best regional Mexican costumes and dance the night away.